Would you like to double your profits? Of course you would! But you may have no idea how to even begin down the road to achieving that goal. That’s where hiring a business coach comes in, working with you to identify and achieve your goals, offering motivation and guidance so that your business can reach its full potential.

A professional business coach will work with you to realistically examine your business’s bottom line. How much money do you make that you don’t actually get to keep? There may be a number of areas where you can reasonably cut costs to maximize your profit potential. With a business coach looking at your business with an outsider’s perspective, you’ll get a fresh set of friendly eyes looking at your expenses and helping you to judge what’s legitimate and what’s unnecessary.

First, you’ll need to have a specific goal in mind for your company’s earnings. “I want to make more money” is an understandable desire, who doesn’t want to make more money? But it’s more of a wish than a goal. A business coach will work with you to set an achievable goal within a realistic time frame and help you plan how to get there. If your staffing expenditures are through the roof, maybe you need to organize your workforce more efficiently so you’re not paying out so much overtime. Even small expenses like coffee service and equipment maintenance, if poorly managed, can eat into your profits if there’s a smarter, less expensive way to provide them.

A business coach can also help your business increase sales, thus expanding your profit potential. The right business coach can train your sales staff in the best methods of generating leads, identifying target markets and hiring the right kind of team members for your business. Your business coach will work with you to find new areas in which to sell your product, improve your relationships with clients and motivate your sales team to increase productivity.

Hiring a business coach is like hiring a personal advisor to stand beside you and help you to guide your business into a smarter, more profitable direction. If your customer service is falling behind as you expand your business, a coach can help you to create a consistent level of support for your customers, because, after all, you want to keep them coming back! It costs a lot more to find new customers than it does to keep doing business with old ones, and a professional business coach will help you to identify ways in which you can keep your customers happy, develop on-going relationships that will keep them coming back, and even turn them into cheerleaders for your business and recommending you to others. The better your relationship with your customers, the more money they’ll spend and that’s more profit for you.

Hiring a business coach will require an initial investment, and you’ll need to commit your own time and effort to working with them to achieve your financial goals. But it’s an investment that can double or even triple your income when you find ways to run your business smarter and with more efficiency.